domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2008

Guión de Luna Nueva terminado

Melissa Rosenberg ya está trabajando duro en Luna Nueva, y parece ser que el guión ya está listo:

LOS ANGELES - With “Twilight” rising at the box office this weekend, Summit Entertainment has officially announced its first sequel, “New Moon,” Variety reported on Saturday.

“Twilight,” the teen vampire romance that’s generated an obsessive following among young audiences, earned $35.7 million on Friday, including a whopping $7 million from Thursday midnight screenings.

Fang fans won’t have to wait long for more — the studio is already moving forward with the follow-up. Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has signed on to pen “New Moon” and possible third installment “Eclipse,” and star Robert Pattinson said the “New Moon” script is ready to go.

“The script is already done for the second one,” he told the Seattle Times earlier this week, noting he’s signed on himself for two more movies.

The “Twilight” films stem from the popular four-part series of novels by Stephenie Meyer, which includes “Twilight,” “New Moon,” “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn.”

Este es un extracto de un artículo publicado en que tenemos gracias a CrepusculoChicas.

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anangelita_cullen dijo...

wiii que fino
es lo max ojala tambn sea a si con eclipse y con amanecer
wiiiiiii XDXD